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 Web Solutions - Cusomer success stories 

Below SIESIS provides detailed information about some success stories from our customers, because of the implentation of our WEB solutions, developed to satisfy specifics needs of each client.

(Marketing & Sales WEB application and Web
Portal with value added services)

Because of the implementation of our Marketing & Sales Web System, TOYOSA gains international relevance along the TOYOTA global community, for having increased their customer chain trough the effective use of the web technology.


IBMETRO Metrology Bolivian Insitute
(Management and Process Tracking System - Web Portal - Intranet)

IBMETRO achieves best integration with their clients. IBMETRO offers Value Added Services to their clients and the citizens in general, it also gains full control of their processes and that way can deliver high quality services to the community.


(Interactive Web Portal with Value Added Services)

In the main positioning stage of FCB, the official Film Library of Bolivia, SIESIS achieves acknowledgment by receiving an award to the best Web Solution Design from CAF (Andean Development Corporation). In their Web Site, the FCB provides updated information about its activities and events and also offers information about distribution services and has a newsletter subscription service.


CONNAL S.R.L.  National Consultant
(Integrated System and Web Site with value added services)

CONNAL has a robust infrastructure that enables it to efficiently manage resources, projects, documentation, etc. A su vez implementó una amplia gama de servicios exclusivos para sus clientes, lo cual le permite tener una ventaja competitiva ante la competencia, dando un verdadero valor agregado a sus clientes y personal interno con posibilidades interacción con los sistemas en todo el mundo. At the same time they implemented a wide range of services for its clients, which allows it to have a competitive advantage over the competition, providing real added value to its customers and internal staff with the potential interaction with third-party systems around the world.


CARE Bolivia
(Interactive Web Portal with Value Added Services)

CARE Bolivia receives international acknowledgement being selected as template for all Web Sites in South America, with the implementation of its Web portal, in addition to always providing updated information about  their projects at low cost in use of technology and human resources.


IBNORCA Bolivian Institute of Normalization and Quality
(Interactive Web Portal with Value Added Services)

Thanks to the implementation of a Web portal for FOMIN project, IBNORCA reached full and efficient control of its training and certification staff, as well as companies or individuals enrolled in courses under the program.


CONGI Coordinator of International  NGOs 
(Servicios Web y Portal Web con servicios de valor agregado)

Having a virtual office enables the data inputs for each of the members on line and automatically generating statistical data services, web hosting and database management to allow CONGI provide updated information for all activities of their Members.


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