CORMAN - Document Management Software  

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SIESIS offers the opportunity to be part of the technological age trough effective collaborative work, access to information and communication at all levels of the organization in a matter of seconds, prioritize your tasks and keep track for them. Let every employee to be part of the strategic objectives of the company and business development. 


The Document Management System CORMAN allows catalog, store, search and access documents, correspondence and archives of the institution, assigning responsibility and deadlines for compliance actions by using the latest IT technology oriented to automate processes, scanning documents and making available the complete integration of the organization. 

It is a versatile system that because to its multiple applications can work seamlessly with other existing systems, has no restrictions as to area or specific areas of work for the company, as this applies to all those who have procedures that involve different people, and to enable monitoring the flow of the issue, document management, scanning documentation, provides interface to interact with other applications and has absolute control of the documentation generated.


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