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SIESIS is an IT solutions provider with 9 years experience in Bolivia, during which we were honored with the choice of prestigious customers as Toyosa (official representant of TOYOTA in Bolivia), AFP Futuro (member of Zurich Financial Services), Tax Superintendent and Superintendent of Transportation (both public regulation entities), CARE Bolivia (International NGO), UNDP (United Nations Development Program), SABSA (Administrator of main bolivian airports and subsidiary of a Spanish Transnational) and many others like those. 

Now we are looking for capitalize the high quality of our human resources, extensive experience of our company and very low costs of production. To do that we are planning expand our offering to the global market, in addition to our products and regular services, we could provide IT services, such as software development and remote technical support, through offshore outsourcing. For this we have already begun exploring opportunities in US and other countries and we are contacting companies and entrepreneurs interested in working with us. We are prepared to meet the expectative and requirements of our potential partners and to build confidence in between SIESIS and potential business partners or customers. Bolivian IT professionals are highly qualified and due to the over-offer of new professionals, the average wages of software developers, web designers and IT project managers, are very low even if they are compared with averages in India, China, Uruguay and other current providers of software outsourcing services. 

We have prepared our company for this challenge through the following achivements: implementing a quality assurance system based on ISO 9000 standards ready to be certificated, recruiting and training some of the best graduated from local universities, creating true commitment to customer satisfaction in our personnel, drawing up a data base of local contractors with high qualifications, getting support from local government institutions, becoming members of the Bolivian IT Chamber of Commerce, creating a network of potential foreign sales representatives and other tasks accomplished by our administration.

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